Vehicle shipping Turkey – Egypt – Sudan


Because of the unstable situation in the Middle East it is impossible to go via the old route through Syria or Irak/Jordan there is only a limited number of options. One of them is to go via Libya paying an local agent for the business visa and an invite to his country but this option is somewhat expensive and I know people, who have done this but if you need any more details please search the web.

Relatively popular and not so expensive seem to be taking a car ferry from Turkey to Egypt and than Egypt to Sudan, and that will be described here briefly.

The ferry from Turkey lives from Isknderun and usually it goes twice a week, on Monday and Thursday. The ONLY agent, which is dealing with it is the

Savas Mah. Maresal Cakmak Caddesi
No: 16 Zemin Kat
(opposite the government building in the city center)
Tel (0326) 614 10 12
Fax (0326) 614 10 15

The best English speaking agent, which most probably you will be directed to will be Seren Sucu and this is her private mobile number 0090 535 287 2880.

The agents on the Turkish side are very helpful and will quote the total amount that is required upfront, so don’t pay anything to anyone afterwards in the harbor.

There is an extra charge for jeep and our vehicle is not so small anyway (Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear) and this is how much they have charged us:
590 USD for the vehicle shipping and the flight for two persons with a chartered plane from Hatay Airport (Turkey) to Alexandria Airport (Egypt) and than a bus to Damietta Harbor.
85 USD extra charge for the 4×4 vehicle plus some tax for the Egyptians, which you have to pay apparently nevertheless it might be also an official bribe.
You don’t have to pay anything extra and if they insist ask them to call Seren so she can explain to you why do you have to pay more.

Even though the ferry leaves twice a week there are always some delays for various reasons and even the agent in Remon Travel knows only so much as they tell her in the harbor so often you have to wait on stand by in Iskenderun or close by area. Once the ferry is there she will let you know and you will go with one of the male agents to the harbor. Quick security check at the entrance to the harbor and than you leave your vehicle and wave good bye.

We have padlocked most of our belongings but we have left the keys so the customs can check what’s inside. This way you will know that no accidental person will take any of your belongings and still your vehicle won’t be left on the shore, because the customs officer didn’t know, what’s inside your vehicle, but in fact I suppose they don’t check it at all or maybe that’s just my impression. They do chek it in Egypt though so give your fixer the padlocks keys or lave them with the car keys as we did.

Once your vehicle is in the harbor you go to immigration, where you have your vehicle documents sorted. Please note, that if you have stamped your Carnet de Passage on the entry to Turkey now is the moment to get the exit stamp for your vehicle. Another Remon Travel agent will be dealing with that, so push them if they need be and they will sort it out for you for no extra payment.

You will have to stay for a night in a hotel in Iskenderun if you are not using couchsurfing and the cheapest place we found was for 30 USD for the room.

The time when the plane leaves varies but there is a chance that the dedicated airport bus will be able to pick you up in Iskenderun and take you to the Hatay right on time to catch the plane. On the airport web page you can find the info about the bus.

NOTE: Although Seren told us, that she has made the reservation for the bus for us, she didn’t, so at 3am on the main square the bus simply didn’t stop. Don’t worry, close by there is a 24h taxi stop booth, it will take you to the airport for 40 USD or if you don’t want to use the taxi BE 100% SURE that Seren did make the reservation or do it yourself over the phone to avoid unpleasant surprises.

On the airport you will be traveling with a whole plane of truck drivers which have their trucks on the same ship. Nice bunch of people. The flight takes something like 2 hours so you will be there in the morning. You will get a sandwich on the plane but take some food and drink for the bus ride to Damietta.

On the Egyptian side there will be a very nice agent looking after you till the moment you will reach Damietta.

Here you will need a fixer (customs clearance agent) unless you speak Arabic or have plenty of time to spare and do it yourself.

The BEST person for this job is YASSER Fathey OMAR (he deals with putting the vehicles on the ship as well as taking them off the ship).
Damitta Sea Port Investment Building 3rd floor office No.320 A
Tel. 002 057 229 12 29
Mob. 002 01 002 788 833
I am convinced he is not the cheapest fixer, however once you meet him you will know what you are paying for. He is not only effective but also has a European like customer approach, which is extremely rare in this part of the world.

He does all the work and you pay him once the job is finished preferably in USD to avoid misunderstandings about the exchange rate. For everything we have paid 600 USD, which includes the vehicle storage and temporary Egyptian number plates as well as temporary registration, simply everything and you don’t have to pay a penny more.
The whole clearance procedure took him 1,5 day, which is an excellent result. Please note, that in Muslim countries like Egypt or Sudan the weekend starts on Friday and last till Saturday so during this time there is nothing really that can be done, so take this into account while planning which ferry to take.

We have stayed in the Lebanon Hotel in the village next door (some 10 minutes drive away) and the double room with A/C and TV and nice bathroom was 26 USD.



All can be arranged in Aswan, where the barch is leaving from.
First get your Sudanese visa from the Sudanese Consulate in Aswan for 50 USD (you can make it in your country or in Cairo, but there it costs 100 USD).
Than make the appointment with your fixer. There are two of them:

Mob. 01 000 53 222 669

Which is an ex taxi driver. He speaks some English, so you can easily communicate with him. He is more attentive so he will be spending more time with you, going to the Sudanese consulate with you and bribing some people in there save you some time waiting in the line. He will be with you till the end on the ferry and might be actually cheaper than the other option.

Mohamed Abouda
Mob. 011 153 89707

He speaks better English but is less attentive so he won’t be going with you to the Sudanese consulate and you have to do it on your own. He will answer all your questions but generally you have to watch your money coz everywhere he can, he will try to overcharge you and so that’s how much we have paid, however other people paid more, it depends a pound your bargaining skills.
2250 Egy Pounds = ca.326 USD vehicle shipping cost,
50 USD fixer fee per vehicle (some people pay 50 USD per person),
350 EP ferry ticket for 1 person which includes the ferry + meal on board + and 40EP for the entry to the harbor,
20 EP per person as a tip for the Capitan on board in order to be able to sleep on the front deck or sun deck next to the bridge, where during the night you should have few hours of good sleep.

Once you will choose your fixer he will help you with the procedure, which you can do it yourself if you speak Arabic, have plenty of time, sharp 6th sense, people skill and nerves of steel. Generally they are so worth their money.

A good place to meet other over landers and update your information or to find someone to start the procedure with is the ADAMS HOUSE on the west bank of Aswan (there is a Nil bridge right outside Aswan to the north even if it is not on your GPS car navigation, than turn south and it will be on your right hand side, just look for the sign).

We have used Mr. Abuda only because some other people have been using him as well so it was more convenient to hire the same fixer for all 3 vehicles. As I have mentioned before Kamal might be cheaper and I don’t mean only his commission but some other fees like the ticket as well. It is best to meet them both and than choose.

The ferry from Aswan to Wadi Halfa leaves on TUESDAY so you have to be in Aswan the latest on Saturday evening so on Sunday you can apply for your Sudanese visa and pick it up the next day depending on the nationality. Please note that it can take longer in some case or shorter if you are using Kamal.

The Sudanese Consulate moved to a new location. It is next to Al Rudwan Mosque, which should be on your car navigation system and is visible from the El Sadat street. Just go south from the Coptic St. Michael church and once you will pass two petrol stations (one on the right and one on the left) search for a small park/garden on the left hand side behind which is the mosque. The consulate is just next to the Al Rudwan mosque and a big sign and the Sudanese flag is on the building. Please note, that the neighborhood is not safe so we do not recommend spending the night close to the consulate in order to be the first in the morning. The consulate opens before 8 am so if you want to be the first in the line be there beforehand.

With your fixer you will go to the Egyptian traffic office in order to take the statement confirming, that you didn’t have any road accident in Egypt. The office is in the unmarked building so it is virtually impossible to find it without a fixer. Your fixer should also do all the photocopies for you, which includes the photocopy of your passport, Egyptian visa, vehicle passport entry, CdP.

We have met with Mr. Abuda at 8.30 on Tuesday at the front of Aswan KFC.

Than we went to the harbor (ca. 30 min drive).

Vehicle security check at the entrance to the harbor.

Then we went to pay for the vehicle shipping of the vehicle. You can withdraw the Egyptian pounds from the ATM in the harbor however you need thepassport to do that.

Once you have the payment receipted with the make of your vehicle on it you go to the Carnet de Passage office in the harbor building on the ground floor next to the passport control. There you will fill some forms and in return with all the photocopies submitted your CdP will be stamped. You will have to give back your temporary number plate and temporary car registration.

Than you will fill the Egypt exit form and apond submitting it receive the exit stamp into your passport. Your fixer will now collect the money (EP) in order to purchase the ferry tickets.

Now you will wait till you will be able to put your vehicle on to the barch.
This is a perfect moment to change some Egyptian Ponds for the Sudanese Pounds for 1 to 1 exchange rate which is very good. Leave yourself however some EP if you want to buy cheaper some cold drinks on the ferry (500ml cold water 3EP, however you can refill the drinking water from the small room behind the main staircase on the non air conditioned restaurant level, a bottle of sprite, cola, Fanta 3EP, tea 2EP, coffee 3EP). You can pay also with the SP but the prices will be higher. With your ticket you should become a meal voucher, which you can exchange against a tasty meal or you can buy an extra meal if it is not enough for you (15 EP).

Than you put the vehicle on the barch. You will have to leave your car keys so padlock everything and leave only the car key. Open the windows a little so there will be some ventilation in the vehicle and put the sun shade if you have one.

You should be already packed before so you can go with your luggage on to the passenger ferry which leaves around 5pm so there is still some time to wait.
If you are not taking a cabin your best bet is to give the captain some money in exchange for a place on the front deck or sun deck next to the bridge which will be closed off for the night. There should be no problem as long you are not using your flash light.

At sunrise (ca. 5.30) the deck will fill up with people observing the temple Abu Sible visible from the ferry.


On the ferry you will have to fill the immigration form and later on, still on board you will receive the Sudan entry stamp into your passport.

IN SUDAN before you leave the ship you will have to go to the air conditioned restaurant in order to meet the fixers and fill more immigration forms, which is nothing else but writing all the time the same information. Once you have this done you can go on shore and go through customs.

In the restaurant you will find the best fixer ever MAZAR MAHIR.
Mob. +249122380740 +249911075226 mazarhalfa@gmail.com

How you will recognize him? It is quite simple, that will be that guy which is funny and is helping everybody all the time no matter whether you have hired him or not or simply ask for him, but please make sure that is really him, because there has been cases, that people has been pretending to be Mazar to take away his customers.

Mr Abuda will tell you something like on the other side will be waiting for you a person I am working with Mr Magdi (the other local fixer) and he has started the clearance procedure already for you. Don’t believe in it coz the whole procedure will begin once you are there anyway so go straight to Mazar. In our case Magdi had to leave and he simply vanished without even letting us know about it so Mazar took us over.

Mazar is a real professional and he will keep you up to date with everything that is happening. He can change your money (1usd=7,2SP) and register you in the police office, which has to be done once you are in Sudan.
Once the barch will arrive the clearance procedure takes 3 hours if Mazar is doing it. Prices:
Ca. 32USD – police registration
30 USD – vehicle customs clearance procedure
10 USD or more – fixer fee. We were so happy with Mazars service that we gave him a tip that he deserved.

There is only one decent hotel in Wadi Halfa CANGAN HOTEL (room with AC and bathroom 80SP=ca.11,5USD or basic room with fan and common bathrooms on the hallway 50SP=ca.7USD). Don’t take the land rovers and the entrance, you will have to pay 10SP for the ride (locals are paying 1SP) just go out of the harbor via main road about 500 meters and there just take a tuk tuk or a taxi and negotiate a fair price.

Once the barch will arrive the whole procedure takes 3 hours and Mazar will walk you through it and you don’t have to worry about a thing. You pay him once you have the vehicle preferably in USD. Our barch was 3 days late but there was a problem on the Egyptian side.



We had our carnet made in UK but if you don’t have one, or it will be for some reason invalid that is not the end of the world, because there is Mazar, which can make the carnet for you. It costs 300 USD you pay no deposit and have a legal, valid carnet with 25 pages for all the Africa. All you need to do is to send him back the filled carnet once you are back in Europe and that’s it. The procedure is very fast and takes only few days and it will come with the bus from Khartum.

Of course you need the carnet to enter Egypt but according to my information you can buy one in Egypt for another 350 USD valid only for Egypt but that is what I have heard so I would advice you to make some research on it. The main thing is it is possible to do it other way than in Europe. The best way is to email Mazar and he will give you all the information and help you out the best he can. You can be sure of it.


It is possible to use the land border crossing instead for the ferry. We have found out about that once in Sudan so it was too late for us but it might be a very interesting alternative if you don’t want to wait ages for a ferry. The crossing take place south to Abu Simble and the procedure in Sudan takes 6 days and costs 300 USD and in Egypt takes 21 days and we don’t know how much does it costs. If you want to use this way the best way to go about it is to email MAZAR and he will start the procedure for you on the Sudanese side and will direct you to someone on the Egyptian side, that will be doing it for you on the Egyptian side and will give you all the info an prices. The most important thing is to start the procedure at list 21 days before the planned border crossing.

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